Jon Lampel aids other business owners

April 20, 2016
Not every business owner has the same capital that Jon Lampel is grateful to have at his disposal. This co-founder and president of Los Angeles-based LeasEquip was once a simple employee in the financial industry. Following years within this field -- years gaining knowledge and experience -- he made a move into entrepreneurship and owning a business. In 1981, alongside a partner and with help from private investors, he opened the doors to LeasEquip (then known as Prudential Capital Corporation). And he steadily grew the business since that time, now able to help others with their capital needs.

The dollars and cents to open a company or help it grow are not always easy to achieve. Banks are reluctant to lend, particularly following the recession of years ago. But LeasEquip -- a business that has grown immensely in its 35 years -- utilizes its own built-up capital to assist those owners who need loans and leases, including equipment needs, to make their business needs come to fruition.

As Jon Lampel began LeasEquip more than three decades ago, he worked with private investors to bring the business to life Today, he helps others in the same way, provided the necessary capital, the financial backing in loans and leases, for business owners to similarly grow their businesses however possible.